Where to pre-order the new Pokémon Funko Pop figurines

PRE-ORDER: Three new Pokémon Funko Pop figurines are available for preorder as of Feb. 2. You can purchase each one separately on Amazon for $11.99 or grab the entire trio (plus a shell case) at Walmart for $36 ahead of their release on March 15.

Funko Pop’s Pokédex is about to grow by three.

The collectible company announced the ninth wave of its Pop! Games: Pokémon series this week, a trio of vinyl figurines inspired by pocket monsters Sylveon (a Fairy-type evolution of Eevee), Lucario (a Fighting/Steel type that can read auras), and Alakazam (a first-generation Psychic type).

Their March 15 release date is still a few weeks out, which means you still have plenty of time to get a preorder in. You can reserve your favorite(s) from Amazon for $11.99 apiece or bundle all three through Walmart for $36. (That set also includes a plastic shell case to protect your precious Funkos.)

This collection comes just in time for the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a new action RPG for the Nintendo Switch that’s racked up some stellar reviews since its release in late January. For her part, Mashable entertainment reporter Alexis Nedd deemed it “a unique and chill love letter” to Pokémon and everyone who grew up wanting to see them in an open-world setting — you can read the rest of her take here.

The game features all three of these newly Funko-Popped critters and just so happens to be on sale for $5 off at the time of writing. Head over to Amazon to grab a copy for $54.99 (normally $59.99).

box art for the funko pop! games: pokemon collection (wave 9)

Credit: Funko Pop!

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