‘We Baby Bears’ K-pop opening theme has a cute pizza-themed music video

Rookie K-pop group TRI.BE has released their pastel-coloured music video for “The Bha Bha Song (We Baby Bears Theme),” and it’s as cute as the upcoming We Bare Bears prequel looks to be.

We Baby Bears‘ official theme song was previously revealed earlier this month, however TRI.BE’s diner-themed video is the first time we’re hearing it in full. The We Bare Bears spinoff will follow baby bear siblings Grizz (Connor Andrade), Panda (Amari McCoy), and Ice Bear (Max Mitchell) as they travel around in a magic cardboard box, searching for a home. 

“Collaborating on the music video for We Baby Bears means so much to us and we feel a strong connection to the inclusive, positive message the show conveys as we represent positivity and self-empowerment too!” TRI.BE said in a statement to Mashable. “The video for ‘The Bha Bha Song’ is all about adventure, having fun and spreading joy, just as these baby bears do traveling the world!”

Based on a webcomic by Daniel Chong, We Bare Bears ran for four seasons, plus a final movie in 2020. The series has been praised for normalising and appreciating Asian culture, with K-pop group Monsta X even making a cameo in the series finale.

We Baby Bears premieres Jan. 1 on Cartoon Network.

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