Watch Tom Holland fight for dear life in iconic scene from ‘Uncharted’

Uncharted, the action-adventure video game series, is hitting big screens in February. Suffice to say, the film – starring Tom Holland as street-smart treasure hunter Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg as his mentor, and a villainous turn from Antonio Banderas – is hotly anticipated by gamers and Holland fans alike.

In this newly-released, exclusive clip from the film, Holland is seen fighting for his life in an anxiety-inducing scene: Hanging over a picturesque ocean, seconds away from falling, and attempting to sidestep multiple assassination attempts, all while climbing a string of cargo crates hanging out of a plane.

The original scene from Uncharted 3 is also worth a watch for comparison, as it’s a big one for fans of the original games. It is literally titled “Cargo Plane Playthrough Pt 2: Free Fall”, which is a pretty accurate description for what goes down.

Uncharted lands in cinemas Feb. 18.

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