The 12 best and funniest tweets of the week, including good TV, Robe Guys, and the word ‘hubby’

What a week, what a week, what a mighty average week.

Five days, in the books. Let’s put this whole “work” thing behind us for a couple of days, huh? How about that. The weekend. Fantastic.

Anyway, you’ve probably had a long week and you probably want to relax. You know what you should do? Read some funny and good tweets. We collected our 12 favorite, just for you. Here they are, enjoy!

1. This is just true. Just true facts.

2. Wow, this is so, so dark

3. As a budding Robe Guy, this is something that happens all the time

4. OK, hear me out: It is both

5. Would honestly love a cool $2,000 right now

6. Could use some sleep to be honest

7. As a certified Wife Guy, I agree with this take. The word “hubby” is grotesque.

8. Obligatory dril tweet

9. Would spend an entire paycheck on this

10. This is what I do every single morning. It is good for me.

11. This tweet was very loud for me, personally

12. And finally, the uncomfortable truth that this country peaked with doodoo brown, massive sedans

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