The 10 best and funniest tweets of the week

The first full week of 2022 is mercifully in the books. Phew. Is it just me, or did this week feel like a month in and of itself?

I hope you got some time off for the holidays and I hope you enjoyed yourself because guess what? We’re back in the real world, sucker.

But, hey, at least it’s the weekend and you get some time to yourself. Why not take a few minutes, sit back, and read some good posts? You deserve a laugh.

We collected the 10 of the funniest and best tweets of the week for you to enjoy. Here they are:

1. I honestly hate how true this proved to be. The new year was a new flood of email.

2. Friends, gaze upon the Pittsburgh toilet

3. I don’t know what’s so confusing, I totally get it

5. A joke about a real, wildly cringe thing the Democrats really did

6. Sorry, but deadlines are not my business until Spring

7. Another LMM and Democrat joke

8. Obligatory dril tweet

9. I actually think some mysteries should never be solved. Let this beautiful thing be as it is.

10. And finally, this

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