That viral gold cube is actually pretty small. Oh, and it’s hollow.

It’s all a little on the nose.

The internet turned its collective head Thursday at news that a “solid gold” cube had been installed in New York City’s Central Park as part of some bizarre cryptocurrency promotional stunt. Photos strategically shot from low angles made the cube seem imposing, and Twitter was briefly impressed by The Cube.

That is, until everyone realized the cube is actually pretty small. And hollow.

That’s right, according to Artnet, the $11.7 million gold cube isn’t — despite a misleading tweet suggesting otherwise — solid at all.

“The cube measures over a foot and a half on all sides and has a wall thickness of about a quarter inch,” reports Artnet.

Reactions were swift.

Notably, the hollow cube isn’t even in the park anymore. Artnet notes that on the evening of Feb. 2, it was moved to “a private dinner on Wall Street, where numerous celebrities are said to be attending.”

Nothing hollow about that either, we’re sure.

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