Test-drive your tattoo idea before you fully commit with this innovative device

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TL;DR: As of Dec. 26, get a Prinker® S Tattoo Device with Black + Color Ink Sets for just $379.95 instead of $448 — that’s a discount of 15%.

You might think you have a great tattoo idea, but… you could be wrong. Like, remember that time you wanted to get a butterfly tattooed on your lower back? Or that other time you almost had your partner’s name tattooed on your neck, only to break up a month later? Aren’t you glad you didn’t go through with that?

Now, there’s a way to take your idea for a test drive before you fully commit with permanent ink: the Prinker S Tattoo Device with both black and color ink sets. It’s regularly $448, but you can snag it on sale for just $379.95 for a limited time. 

The Prinker S is a handy device that pairs with an app and prints any tattoo of your choice in a few seconds. There are over 5,000 preset designs to choose from, but if you’re especially set on an idea, you can create the design yourself on the app. Then simply prep your skin with the included primer, rub the device across the area you want it, and voila! You’ve got a chance to take your tattoo idea out for a spin before you really pull the trigger.

There’s a reason the Prinker won the 2020 Red Dot Design and iF Design awards. It lets you actually see and experience how a tattoo looks and feels before making a huge commitment (or mistake). The Prinker S uses FDA-compliant cosmetic ink that’s waterproof and lasts for at least three days, but if you really hate it and want it gone before that three days is up, you can scrub it with a little soap and say goodbye.

Along with the Prinker S Tattoo Device itself, you’ll also get a black ink cartridge, a left and right color ink cartridge, and a bottle of skin primer. So, you’re ready to go right from the get-go. Each cartridge is good for about 1,000 tattoos.

Regularly $448, you can snag this regret-averter for only $379.95 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Black printer with spray bottle of skin primer and three ink cartridges

Credit: Prinker

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