Take up to 73% off a set of bamboo sheets with actual pockets

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TL;DR: These Bamboo Smart Pocket Sheets are on sale as of Feb. 3 — get twin, full, queen, or king sets for up to 73% off.

Your sheets might be past their prime. If you don’t notice visible signs of wear-and-tear — thinning, fading, discoloration — you may be able to feel the decline. Either way, crappy sheets could lead to crappy sleep.

If you’re overdue for a new set, these Bamboo Smart Pocket Sheets are on sale for up to 73% off for a limited time. That means you can get a new six-piece set for around $30.

Available in seven different colors, from classic ivory, to sophisticated silver, to punchy aqua, these sheets are easy to match with most decor. They’re made of high-quality bamboo and microfiber, which are both materials known for their softness and breathability. Use them in the winter for cozying up under the covers, and enjoy them into the summer months to stay cool and dry. 

Sets are available for twin, full, queen, and king beds, and each includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillowcases. And while they’re sleek and attractive, their best feature may just be the built-in pockets.

You know all the stuff that inevitably piles up on your nightstand — chargers, gadgets, remotes, books, reading glasses, tissues, cough drops, etc.? Having actual pockets on the sides of your sheets gives you a place to store some of it. They’re eight inches deep, so you can slip some of your bedtime essentials inside and keep your nightstand looking less cluttered. Rather than playing with a house of cards just to grab the remote from your bedside table, these side pockets put everything at arm’s length. 

Grab the Bamboo Smart Pocket Sheets in your choice of color for a twin, full, queen, or king bed for up to 73% off for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Set of grey sheets

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