Seth Rogen answers for his cowardly paintball crimes in an agonizing ‘Hot Ones’

Professional comedian and amateur ceramicist Seth Rogen is back on Hot Ones.

Sitting down with host Sean Evans, Rogen made his third appearance on the hot wing-centric interview show Thursday to kick off the web series’ Season 17. The agonizingly spicy episode covers everything from Rogen’s upcoming projects (Pam & Tommy, The Boys Presents: Diabolical) to his staunch stance on thick versus thin burger patties.

Along the Scoville scale, Seth makes charming observations about the spiciness of the wings he’s eating (“I felt that one in my ears!”) and asks bolds questions about digestion (“How will this make my ass feel?”)

The true “extra dab” moment, however, doesn’t come until Rogen’s longtime creative partner Evan Goldberg joins in for the last wing and prompts Rogen to share a truly shameful story from their shared Canadian youth.

“There was a time in 10th grade when you did one of the least brave things I’ve ever seen someone do,” Golderg begins, before Rogen picks up the story.

“[We were at] this huge, outdoor paintball facility,” he explains, already laughing. “And these guys showed up that were like professional paintball guys. We’re like 15-years-old. Right away, they just fucking unload a torrent of automatic [fire]. And I run off into the woods as literally all of my friends got annihilated.”

“I got shot 25 times in the back,” Goldberg chimes in.

“Everyone was really pissed at me,” Rogen recalls. “I had to earn back their trust.” Makes sense!

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