Scroll TikTok on Samsung’s rotating Sero TV — and save $1,000

Save $1,000: As of Feb. 1, the 43-inch Samsung Sero QLED TV is on sale for $999.99 after a 50% discount. This deal is part of Samsung’s Super Sunday sale.

The next Galaxy Unpacked event isn’t the only thing Samsung is planning for. A certain big game is also fueling the huge Super Sunday TV sales event on Samsung’s website.

Almost all of Samsung’s 2022 entry level QLED models, The Frame, and more are on sale, but we’d like to highlight one specialty model that’s discounted less frequently. Get your hands on Samsung’s rotating Sero TV for less than $1,000 after a $1,000 price slash.

The Sero is essentially a 43-inch T-Mobile Sidekick. (43 inches is the perfect size for a bedroom or small living room.) This means that it can display your movies and shows in landscape mode like a traditional TV, or rotate vertically for intense TikTok scrolling or a workout similar to the experience on the Mirror.

The Sero supports Galaxy devices, Android phones through NFC, and Apple devices. For all non-Apple devices, it auto-rotates when it detects content that should be vertical, and will rotate back if you begin to, for example, stream Netflix. Apple owners have to manually rotate the TV.

Samsung Sero TV in landscape mode

Credit: Samsung

43-inch Samsung Sero QLED TV

$999.99 at Samsung (save $1,000)

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