Save 23% on this mini massage gun you can stash in your gym bag

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TL;DR: As of Jan. 30, the JAWKU Muscle Blaster Mini Ultra-Compact Silent Massage Gun is on sale for $114.99 instead of its usual $149, so you can save 23%.

Our bodies are pretty resilient, but they’re not machines. Tough workouts, strenuous activities, and long days on our feet (or even hunched over in a chair) can be hard on them. And without the proper recovery, one wrong move can knock them down for days — weeks, even. 

A massage gun can assist your muscles with recovery in all those in-between moments, like right after an intense sweat session or during a particularly rough work day. And with an ultra-compact one, like the JAWKU Muscle Blaster Mini, you can easily take that recovery and relief with you for whenever those moments arise.

The Muscle Blaster Mini is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs in at just a pound, but it’s also powerful enough to punch out 2,800 percussions per minute and up to 40 pounds of pressure. It comes with four interchangeable massage heads to target individual muscle groups. Got a knot or a pulled muscle? Use the trigger point head. Just want to loosen up your muscles midday after sitting in the same place for hours? Go with the flat head. There’s also a round and granules massage head for large muscle groups like legs, and small muscle groups like biceps and triceps, respectively. 

This unboxing video will give you a closer look:

While it does pack a strong punch, the Muscle Blaster Mini works quietly under 40dB. So, it won’t disrupt your coworkers or fellow gym goers when you pull it out of your bag. 

Find out for yourself why massage guns are so popular — and why you may see your favorite athletes using them on the sidelines. With a 23% discount, the Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini won’t break the bank. It’s usually $149, but you can grab it on sale for just $114.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Black and orange massage gun in case with orange heads and cable

Credit: JAWKU

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