Rocco hilariously upstages Elmo yet again on ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

The first couple weeks of 2022 have been trying for Elmo. Clips of Elmo’s uproar over Rocco, his friend Zoe’s pet rock, went viral online, portraying his outrage that a rock allegedly gets better treatment.

The blowup earned Muppet and stone both a spot on Saturday Night Live‘s latest Weekend Update. At the start of the clip, Elmo — voiced to perfection by Chloe Fineman — says he apologized for his outbursts in an Instagram post, and made a bid to host SNL himself.

After the puppet says he’s ready to move on, however, we see how that’s not exactly true. Weekend Update anchor Michael Che brings Rocco to the stage in its very own chair, and Elmo explodes: “Rocco doesn’t need a chair! Rocco doesn’t even have legs!” The appearance culminates with Che showing Elmo that Rocco will actually be the one to host SNL, and — to Elmo’s disdain — Rocco again gets the last cookie.

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