Hello, sparkling floors: Save 25% on a robot mop from iRobot

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SAVE 25%: If you have pets or kids — or are prone to spillages yourself — check out the iRobot Braava Jet 240. As of Jan. 24, this robot mop is on sale at Amazon for $149. That’s 25% less than its regular price of $199.

Ever mop yourself into a corner of the room, then have to choose between going about your day and mussing your newly clean floor? If this scenario strikes a familiar dread into your heart, consider the iRobot Braava Jet 240.

This robot mop (a.k.a. wet Roomba) is app-enabled — just press clean on the unit and watch it go. You can also customize the areas of the house it’s allowed to roam with Virtual Wall Mode, schedule mopping sessions during the week, or start/stop its process remotely.

That’s not to say the Braava Jet 240 requires monitoring or manual control. It is programmed to automatically select and execute the best mode — wet mopping, damp mopping, or dry sweeping — for the type of floor it’s cleaning, and it remembers obstacles so it can slow down and avoid them next time.

When it detects obstacles, it’ll also refrain from carrying out its usual Precision Jet Spray so as not to accidentally wet an antique rug or two. When obstacle-free, however, Precision Jet Spray and the robot’s Vibrating Cleaning Head ensure a thorough cleaning for every last part of your floor, even the hardest-to-reach bits. In fact, you might want to set it free under the kitchen counter or the bed for a while longer.

White and blue square robot mop with water spray

Credit: iRobot

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