Bundle and save on these iPhone accessories for 38% off

TL;DR: As of Feb. 2, the Logiix Essential Kit: 18W Power Adapter + Lightning Earphones is 38% off and going for $42.95 instead of $69.

Whenever you upgrade your phone, it’s a good idea to upgrade your accessories. Your old headphones are probably lost at the bottom of a backpack somewhere and charging bricks always seem to go missing.

LOGiiX has you covered with all the necessary accessories that your new phone left out. And for a limited time, you can bundle and save to get a power adapter and a pair of Lightning headphones for 38% off.

First up, there’s a power cube USB-C adapter. Unlike the cubes lying around your house, this one is equipped with fast-charging abilities. Once you plug it into the wall, it’ll juice up your phone with 18W of power and bring your battery back up to 100 percent faster than your old charger. It’s also longer and thinner than the typical charging cube, which makes it easier to pack up and slip into the side pocket of your roller bag or tote bag. 

After the lightning-fast charging cube, this kit also comes with a pair of classic Lightning earbuds. These are designed to be thrown around in your bag or in the glove compartment of your car without getting damaged. They’re completely scratch-resistant, since they’re made out of polycarbonate material that protects the tech on the inside. And the cable is ultra-flexible, so it won’t break down as it’s used over time or even if it lives at the bottom of your purse.

You can use them to listen to your favorite music at top-quality sound, and even take work calls as they come in, thanks to the built-in microphone with touch controls that allows you to hang up, skip songs, pause music, and more.

This two-piece set from LOGiiXX retails for $69, but for a limited time, you can save 38%. That means you can take home both for just $42.95.

Prices subject to change.