All the best Squarespace templates for musicians

Musicians are a unique category of artist and, as a result, have unique needs when it comes to building a website. While indispensable to anyone who wants the world to know about their music, features like built-in players and subscription services are not often front of mind for coders and template designers — many of the most popular templates on Squarespace do not have them at all. Building a music-forward website requires thinking beyond appearance and toward what you need your site to do for you. To make that easier, we have lined up a selection of templates that will fit every type of artist, band, DJ producer, or agent out there.

Will Squarespace work for musicians?

It most definitely will. While a quick glance through the templates on the site may leave you feeling like the platform is a better fit for those whose work is more visual than auditory, it only takes one or two music-friendly templates to see just what it can do to help you build a fanbase and promote your music. In fact, many templates are built around features like integrated SoundCloud or the ability to sell tracks and merchandise. If you’d like to test a few options before you start building your website, we recommend searching the site by words like “music” or “DJ” to get a list of templates dedicated to musicians.

Should you opt for a music-specific template? Which features are the most important?

This list includes a combination of templates that are specifically made by and for musicians and those that look stunning and work just as well at showing off your music, even if they’re geared toward something else. It’s worth taking the time to lay out exactly what you want your website to do for your career as a musician: While some just want to make it easy for visitors to listen to as many of their tracks as possible, others need video to show off live performances or fan club capabilities to give dedicated subscribers early access to new releases.

Keep in mind that different features can often be added independently — if you really love the look of a given template, do not immediately discount it if it doesn’t have everything you want.

What is the best Suarespace template for musicians?

We have selected some of the best Squarespace templates for musicians, with something for everyone.