A closer look at Fisker Ocean EV’s solar-paneled roof in high-speed video

The electric Fisker Ocean SUV has made it from the coast to the desert, soaking up that Las Vegas sunshine for extra solar energy.

In a video released Wednesday at the CES technology show Fisker showed its upcoming electric SUV on the move. Its CEO Henrik Fisker is at the wheel during the high-speed ride and we see the Pac-Man-like solar panels from above.

The EV was first revealed at CES 2020 and now is set for production this November. The base model starts at $37,499.

In a Wednesday call with Fisker from the CES convention floor, he said more interest has come in for the higher-end $68,999 version. “Most want all the features,” he said, referring to those solar panels for an extra 2,000 miles of range each year, a rotating center screen, and California mode, which lowers all the windows, including the back windshield.

The latest reservation numbers for the first Fisker EV, according to Fisker, are 24,500 and growing. The first 5,000 first edition cars will purportedly be available by the end of this year.